About Me

 Writer | Poet | Motivational Speaker | Advisor

Some of the main points to describe me.

My real name is Michaela Jones (pronounced Ma-SHAY-la). My brand name, ©realmissmikkij , was actually created by accident, as I was thinking of a catchy name for my Instagram account. However, the more I thought about it, the more it made sense. I want to live my life according to what is true for me & to have a channel that speaks to that authenticity.

As my tagline says...I got 99 problems...being real isn't one of them.


The Channel

 ¬©realmissmikkij was created, not just for my art, but to provide support & empowerment for those experiencing negative relationship issues. I do this through offering & providing insight on these issues through my art of storytelling, my spoken word.


It also feature additional topics I may have experience in that may be of public interest. 

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Ultimately, I seek to create something special, where I can be the amplifier for and make heard the voices of those needing to express their voice & help them find their own courage to do so.